GW Singles League

GW Singles League

Individuals League Rules

  1. The league shall be known as the GW Darts Individuals League
  2. Without prejudice to any other provision of these rules the League may in furtherance of its object, (a) Provide funds by way of entry fees, levies or otherwise as may from time to time be determined and accept gifts of money or in kind and carry out any wishes in relation to such gifts which are in conformity with the objects of the League. (b) Contribute to the funds of or combine with or affiliate to or enter in agreement or working arrangements with any other organisation whether corporate or incorporate, having the same objects of the League.
  3. Any player can apply to join the league until the allocated spaces available (30) is fulfilled prior to the start of the league. These will be taken on a first come first served basis.
  4. Age restriction of the venue room 21 prohibits any persons under the age of 16/18 from entering the league due to licencing laws.
  5. Duties. Every Member shall pay all entry fees, levies or other sums required to be paid under these rules as and when the same may be payable.

League Fee’s

  1. Entry Fees. Each player participating in the league shall pay £20.00 for the season. This fee must be paid by a time and date decided by the league running committee. Any player failing to pay their entry fee by the given date will be deemed to have resigned from the League and will not be eligible to re-apply for a position in the following two seasons.
  2. Weekly fee. Each player will pay a weekly fee of £8.00. This fee must be paid prior to play commencing on each given league night. Failure to do so will result in the player being suspended from the league that night and a 8-0 loss given to their opponent.

The League Structure

  1. The league shall be one single full division with all 30 league players participating.
  2. There shall be 30 players only.
  3. League positions will be determined by a points system in which points will be awarded for wins or draws. 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. 0 points will be awarded for a loss.
  4. If players are level in the league, position will be determined by legs difference.
  5. If players are level on points and also legs difference, position will be determined by the head-to-head record of the players.

League Format

  1. Each player will play a total of 58 games across the season enabling each player to play each player twice throughout the season.
  2. The format for the league is best of 8. Meaning you will play 8 legs of darts per match and totalling 16 per game week.
  3. With the best of 8 format, results can be mean a win, lose or draw for a player. For example, a player may win 8-0 in a fixture resulting in a win for one player. A match result could also be 4-4 resulting in a draw for both players.

League administrators

  1. The league will be administered by GW Darts Nick Gent and Mal Walker, who will oversee each league meeting and maintain that each weekly meet runs correctly and appropriately.
  2. All matters regarding the league will only be met by the league administrators.




  1. All players must adhere to fair play and conduct themselves in a manner that would be expected of any sports event. Failure to do this will result in a warning being given to offenders and then repeat offenders will be excluded from the league with no reinstation and a ban of a minimum of 2 seasons before re-applying.
  2. This is a game of darts and nothing more. It should be played with fair play and respect to all players and administrators.
  3. The Players shall be responsible for their conduct at all times. The strictest of orders should be kept and no comments made during play.




  1. Matches are to take place on Fridays of each week. Players should be at the venue no later than 19:15pm with matches starting at 19:30pm. If through the premises being closed on that day, mutual agreement must be made to play within the next 2 Fridays.  If the players cannot come to an agreement the matter should be bought to the attention of the league administrators.
  2. Any player failing to play on a date which has been re-arranged will concede the match and a score of 8-0 shall be recorded by their opponents ​​B) There will be no rearranged matches to be played after the original match date with the exception of the venue not being able to able to host the league that day.
  3. Order of Play.  (i) Players will play there matches in accordance to the league fixtures that are presented on each given league night.
  4. Matches are to commence at the stated time 19:30pm. Each new fixture will follow on from the previous and must commence within 10 minutes of the previous game.
  5. Each game will be marked by an allocated person/player. On game 1 a player will be allocated to mark the game. Following on from that the losing player of the previous game will be allocated to mark the following game (there is to be no exceptions to this. If you are called to mark then you must do so)
  6. Method of scoring:  In all matches the score shall be recorded in a manner clearly visible to the player. Scoring shall be by the subtraction method, so that the number required for the game is always shown. Tablets will be used via a scoring system to ensure ease of use and efficiency.
  7. Games. In a Darts Match each game shall be the best of eight legs 501 down and finish on a double 1-20 or 50. Boards will be open to players of the league only from 18:45pm
  8. Order of Starting. The order of starting shall be determined by each player throwing one dart at the board. The player whose dart is nearest the bullseye shall throw first. The player who starts second in the first leg shall start first in the second leg irrespective of the result of the first leg. A dart failing to stick in the board shall be re-thrown (this applies to the method of starting only).
  9. Burst Rule. The burst rule applies if the number required is exceeded, or only one is required, no score or zero is taken.
  10. Scoring Darts. Darts which fail to stick in the board cannot be re-thrown and only darts of which the points are touching the surface of the board shall count in the score upon retrieval of the darts.
  11. There should be no need to notify of the match result as the scoring system will automatically log the match result.
  12. Points. Points allocated for all League matches shall be as follows: - win: 2 points; draw: 1 point; lose: nil points.

Dartboard Standards

  1. All boards must be of a bristle type and comply with the following standards:-  diameter = 18”, outer bull = 1¼”, inner bull =  ½”, doubles and trebles ⅜” wide, inside treble and double circle 7½” and 12½” respectively.  The board may be any colour provided the beds are of alternative colour and in reasonable playing condition.

The Throw

  1. The throwing distance shall be 7 ft. 9 ¼ .The centre of the bull to be 5’ 8” from the floor and an imaginary line parallel to the floor, 7 ft  9 ¼ long from the centre of the bull shall consist of the actual throw.  A fixture on the floor shall denote the 7 ft 9 ¼ mark and shall be at least 18” long.  A raised oche is required of 1to 2 inches.  The board shall be fixed firmly to the wall.  There shall be no obstacle between the player and the board.  Standing in front of the 7 ft 9 ¼  mark shall count as no throw.



  1. Any protest must be presented to the league administrators no less than 2 days after the protest is made. Protests against playing conditions must be made before the commencement of a match or game.  The playing of a match or game presumes satisfactory conditions.


  1. Tablets will be used to score electronically using a designated score system and the live score must always be able to be displayed.