World Championship Preview

World Championship Preview

With the World Championships literally just around the corner who is everyone's lips as the favourite to lift the trophy this year?

With MVG winning the warmup for the worlds in terms of the Players Championships finals and looking very good in the process he will no doubt be taking the mantle of the man to beat. But saying that a lot of players raise their games when they play Michael and if he doesn't match that or better then MVG goes home without the trophy this year. 

Gezzy Price has been and will be for years to come a contender for every event he goes into, and these worlds will be no different. A serial winner with that mentality to go with it makes him another top contender. 

Peter Wright usually comes good at the worlds but with recent health problems for his wife and missing events due to this hasn't been great preparations for Snakebite but the man can literally pick up any set of darts and throw them well. So, you count him out at your own peril.

Michael Smith who is a 2-time finalist at the worlds and has finally picked up his first TV major so Michael will be in the best place mentally he has ever been in and with the talent he has no one would bet against Bully Boy getting another major on the board but this would mean so much more and crown him and World Champion.

Then we get to players such as Luke Humphries, Joe Cullen, Jonny Clayton, Damon Heta, Danny Noppert, Nathan Aspinall. All who are ranked high and have had decent years. Could they become a world Champion this year. Many people will argue that any of them could.

Then we head to former World Champion Rob Cross who has had a good year and his performances haven't really merited his results. Voltage has played fantastic at times this season and came up short on the result side of it. Cross could certainly become a 2-time World Champion if he has a consistent tournament.

Having never made a World Final James Wade maybe sometimes doesn't get the credit for his accomplishments in the game and his longevity at the top of the sport. The machine could still have a World title in him as long as he wants to achieve it. 

Whoever wins this title at any time deserves it, the worlds are a long slog for players, but the end result makes it worthwhile for any player. You are forever immortalised in the history books as a World Champion! and your name will always be engraved on that trophy.

The world awaits and awaits it's 2023 Champion. We at GW Darts cannot wait for the action to begin.