Q. Why does your oche's take on average 20 working days to complete? 

This is due to the time it takes to get the oche topping created as it's such a bespoke product.

Q. Can you create any design for an oche?

Yes the design team we are partnered with can work on your design with you and create something fantastic.

Q. Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

Q. Does international shipping take longer? 

International shipping does take longer and this is partly to do with the UK leaving the EU.

Q. If there is any customs or import fees who pays those? 

If there are any import fees these will need to be payed by the customer.

Q. Can you create oche's/products for events?

We can create for any event, which can be for a local tournament, exhibition, club/pub or professional event.

Q. Can you create an oche with different dimensions to what you have listed on your oche's?

Yes if you require a different dimension oche than what we retail please get in touch and we can get you a price for the size you need.

Q. Are you open to work with other brands or individuals?

This is something we will 100% look into

Q. What other products do you sell?

Currently we are working on what products we will be selling and hopefully will have them on sale by the middle of 2022.

Q. Can the Kyle Anderson oche be purchased?

Sadly this cannot be purchased as it was designed as a one off oche in tribute to Kyle and for this reason only one will ever be created.

Q. What is the difference between the solid single piece oche and the 3 piece?

The solid piece is just that, a solid piece. It is a approximately 8kg heavier and is harder to transport logistically and for this reason we are only able to ship to the UK mainland due to costs. The 3 piece was designed with this in mind and can easily be transported around the world unlike the solid piece.