Bull's Richard Veenstra 80% Steel Tip darts

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"Bull's Richard Veenstra 80% Tungsten Steeltip Darts The Bull's Richard Veenstra 80% Tungsten Steeltip darts are designed for precision and quality, meeting the standards of Dutch darts player Richard ‘Flyers’ Veenstra. 

The darts are made from 80% tungsten which provides durability and a consistent throwing experience. They feature a rugged grip at both the front and rear, making them versatile for players of all skill levels. The darts also have engraved dots to indicate the primary grip zone, facilitating improved hold and accuracy. Endorsement by Richard ‘Flyers’ Veenstra These darts are based on the specifications preferred by Richard Veenstra, a prominent dart player from the Netherlands."
Darts Grip Ringed, Phantom, Pixel
Darts Material 80% Tungsten
Colour Barrel Silver
Darts Shape Straight
Manufacturer Bulls
Country of Manufacture Netherlands