BULL'S Challenger Diogo Portela 90% Tungsten Steeltip

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An own Challenger Dart is the reward for every BULL'S player for outstanding achievements. The Challenger Dart is made of high quality tungsten and ideal for promoting players. An own dart that perfectly meets the individual wishes of a player. This dart was developed in close cooperation with Diogo to achieve this goal. The Challenger Dart by Diogo Portela "The Brazilliant" was designed in the national colors of the Brazilian. The 90% tungsten dart is adorned with the BULL'S logo, as well as Diogo's name at the top of barrels. The Brazilian colours can also be found in the ring grip and in the design of the very stable 100 Micron B-Star Flight in standard A-shape. In the front area, the grip is smoother and forms a harmonious transition to the tip.

Manufacturer: Bulls
Category: Champions
Special length: 51
Special min. diameter: 6.8
Special Max Diameter: 6.8