BULL'S James Wilson Steel dart 97% Tungsten

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Straightforwardly good. This is James and this is his dart. The elegant black dart of the Englishman has a continuous grip and fine white decorations at the ends of the barrel. His dart has an extremely high tungsten content with 97%, which allows the small diameter of his dart. His signature and the B logo were also engraved on the barrel. A B-Grip-2 Shaft and his Jammy Dodger B-Star Flight complement his dart with great color. James is a real veteran of darts and an integral part of the big stages. James turned professional in 2012, but his passion for darts was already ignited in the 80s.
Manufacturer: Bulls
Category: Champions
Special length: 49
Special min. diameter: 6.2
Special Max Diameter: 6.2