Mission Samurai Infinity Dartboard Professional Board

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The Mission Samurai Infinity is a competition standard top-quality dartboard with a softer and more receptive Sisal compaction and an ultra-thin wire construction. It’s an infinitely better board!

The Samurai Infinity is manufactured from highest quality sisal with uniform compaction for less hard spots, which gives you less bounce outs and a higher scoring capability. The sharp angle of the wires enables darts to glance over them and into the scoring areas; combined with the staple-free construction means less bounce outs and less damage to the darts.

The Vivid Deeper Printing and non-fade colours keep your Samurai Infinity looking newer for longer. These colours really pop under the Torus 270 lighting!

The Mission Samurai Infinity dartboard is finished with an Infinity Number Ring with Crystal Clear numbers and a Black Wire Number ring which enhances the overall look of the board.