Shot Americana Route 66 80% Steel Tip Darts

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Leave the world behind and take Route 66. It’s the freedom of a full gas tank, a two-lane blacktop, and no place you got to be. With its sleek 80% tungsten bodywork, in gleaming ‘go faster’ carmine red pct coating, this centre-weighted dart set features an intricate air fin grip for superior traction and smooth release in all conditions. The wheel is yours. Take it.

Barrel Details: Ringed nose for reference. Followed by an Air fin grip made from refined circles with vertical cuts for stability and smooth release. A ring scallop with vertical cuts follows for consistency. Route 66 has an exceptionally smooth release. The high amount of axial cuts on the design provides ample cross grip, perfect for those who like to roll a dart in their fingers before throwing.

Darts Grip Ringed, Pixel, Incision
Darts Material 80% Tungsten
Colour Barrel Silver, Red, Purple
Darts Shape Curve
Brand Shot
Country of Manufacture New Zealand