Target Raymond van Barneveld G4 RVB 95% Swiss Steel Tip Darts

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RVB's GEN 4 Darts. The Gen 4 SP steel tip dart is a highly complex and beautifully designed 95% tungsten dart which offers a multitude of different grips and feel suiting all techniques for a 5x World champion along with many other TV and non televised titles. 

The front loaded barrel encompasses three grips knurled, milling and radial. Which is overlaid with both black & gold PVD performance coatings providing a grip & feel which is unrivalled.

The gen 4 darts are accompanied by Heli shaft adding increased grip at the rear, signature No.6 RVB Flights & black Swiss Firepoints.
Darts Grip Ringed, Shark, Phantom, Pixel
Darts Material 95%+ Tungsten
Colour Barrel Silver, Black, Gold
Darts Shape Straight