BULL'S Jermaine Wattimena G2 Steel Dart 90% Tungsten

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Style meets precision. This dart is a real highlight. Striking blue longitudinal stripes adorn the otherwise deliberately simple barrel of the high-quality 90% tungsten dart. Jermaine's wish was to have a constant grip level over the entire barrel. A dart that is very comfortable in the hand and has additional grip at the tip, ideal for those who lead the dart relatively far forward. The B-Grip-2 TTC Shaft and its individually designed B-Star Flight round off its dart perfectly. Jermaine favours the 22g version of his dart.. The Dutchman has been one of the absolute stars of the darts scene for many years. We are proud of our long-standing BULL'S team member and are happy with him about this darts, which is worthy of a world-class player like him.
Manufacturer: Bulls
Category: Champions
Special length: 49.4
Special min. diameter: 6.5 / 6.7
Special Max Diameter: 6.5 / 6.7