Target Luke Littler G1 90% Swiss Tip Darts

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The Luke Littler Generation One, designed alongside ‘The Nuke’ to his exact specifications and requirements.

The 90% Tungsten range offers a multi-grip barrel profile, consisting of Dual Pixel Tip at the front and centre of the barrel providing a high level of grip and then finally a fine radial groove grip at the rear of the barrel for a more subtle feel.

The barrel is then overlaid with Black PVD Performance coating and further re-machined to highlight the Dual Pixel Tip technology.

The Range is then completed with Target Pro Grip Shafts, ‘The Nuke’ Signature Flights, and Target Swiss Points.

Darts Grip Ringed, Zero/Nano, Pixel, Incision
Darts Material 90% Tungsten
Colour Barrel Black
Darts Shape Straight